Ambassador Demirer's Letter To Gulf Daily News Regarding An Article

Manama Büyükelçiliği 20.04.2014

The article titled “Seymour Hersh strikes again” printed on the Gulf Daily News on 18 April 2014 by the initials of “GD” and referring to Mr. Seymour Hersh’s allegations was most unfortunate.

Mr. Hersh’s allegations and his unsubstantiated claims against Turkey are totally and categorically invalid.

Indeed, it should be stressed that Mr. Hersh’s conspiracy theory is fully based on unnamed sources, assumptions, distorted recordings and unknown reports; thus rendering it far from being convincing and reliable. It is also noteworthy that the said article indeed, deliberately or indeliberately, serves the regime’s propaganda machine and is in compliance with the regime’s lies and fabrications.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, Turkey has been following a principled policy and taking side with the Syrian people against tyranny and terrorism. We are determined to continue our policy in this context and to be on the right side of history.

Like some other brotherly and brave nations of the region, Turkish nation welcomed and continues to welcome hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees (lately 712.555 Syrians). Since the day one, Turkish nation embraced and tried to wholeheartedly console and comfort them and will continue to do the same.

Distorting well established facts, mocking the realities on the ground and disrespecting the memories of the innocent Syrian civilians who lost their lives at the hands of a brutal regime will not justify the regime’s inhumane policies and will not succeed in giving legitimacy to the dictatorship as the humanitarian tragedy in Syria has reached an alarming point due to the horrific practices of the regime.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to kindly request that this letter be published in your distinguished newspaper and on the web-site.

Yours sincerely,



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